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Former Kingston resident Tony Lindsay scores No. 1 hit with song 'All Is One'

KINGSTON, N.Y. — Nearly two decades ago, vocalist Tony Lindsay co-wrote a song that never got released publicly.

Today, the former Kingston resident who sang alongside legendary guitarist Carlos Santana is basking in the glow of having that song — “All Is One” — rise to No. 1 for a two-week period on the Official Indie Soul Chart.

He says the recently released song, with its danceable, Latin rock vibe, has a message for today’s divisive political climate in the midst of a pandemic.

“'All in One' is actually about what we all should have been doing all along,” Lindsay said in a telephone interview. “ Once the pandemic hit and our country became so divided I thought it was a good time for this song.

“If we don’t do this together we can see what possibly can happen,” said Lindsay, who nov lives in San Mateo, Cailf.

Lindsay, who left Kingston in the 1970s and moved to California in April 1980, said the pandemic, along with the political rancor, prompted him to release “All Is One” as a single. The song was written 16 years ago. Its lyrics include the following:

“With love we can replace all fear and hate.

Cause there's a price we have to pay

When life's a game that we play

Come on and meet me half way

We'll conquer all evil ways.”

I feel the same way that you do

The changes we're going through

I hope someday we all will see

You got a brother in me

Come on sing it with me family

All is one -- My people we are one

All is one -- My peeps we are one”

Lindsay, who still has relatives living in Kingston, graduated from Kingston High School in 1973.

Lindsay’s parents were lifelong Kingston residents. His father, James Phillips Lindsay, died in 1973. His mother, Ella Lindsay, passed away in 2011. Siblings who still live in Kingston are the Rev. James Childs and Carol Henderson. Lindsay is married to his wife, Julie, and they have a son, Nicholas.

Lindsay helped form a band in Kingston. The group was called Four of a Kind. He was a member of Santana from 1991 to 2015.

Lindsay has recorded five albums as a soloist. He is about to release the sixth one in January or mid-February. It is titled “Soul Solider.”

Besides the "All Is One" single, Lindsay has also released another single titled “Merry Christmas.” Both songs are featured on his website.

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